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SOLO is the result of a partnership between three important regional institutions: the University of Bologna-Department of Arts, the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna Fondazione and the Fondazione Scuola di Musica Carlo e Guglielmo Andreoli of Mirandola (MO).
The Solo Course focuses on five instruments: violin, cello, flute, oboe and clarinet. The courses will be held by five teachers among the most appreciated on the international scene: Andrea Griminelli, flute and also Solo Artistic director, Oleksandr Semchuk, violin, Alessandro Carbonare, clarinet, Francesco Di Rosa, oboe, and Giovanni Gnocchi, cello.
The course will consist of 8 frontal lessons, plus an annual Masterclass with prestigious European teachers and 10 hours of online theoretical lessons on musical aesthetics and interpretation.

The auditions for the various classes will be:

  • Cello – December 5th from 14:00
  • Violin – December 6th from 15:00
  • Oboe – December 9th from 12:00
  • Clarinet – December 14th from 11:00
  • Flute – December 20th from 14:00

Auditions require submission of:

  • OBOE: 2 pieces from a different era, 1 for solo oboe and the other accompanied by piano (preferably first and second tempo of Mozart KV314).
  • VIOLONCELLO: the first movement of a concerto of your choice; a movement of a Bach Suite of your choice; a movement of another work, of different style and character to the previous pieces (choices including pieces from the Wiener Klassik and/or from the 20th and 21st century repertoire are particularly appreciated).
  • VIOLIN: 2 pieces from the concert repertoire of different periods and styles, one for solo violin and one for accompanied violin.
  • CLARINET:Premiere Rapsodie by C.Debussy and a piece of your choice for solo clarinet.
  • FLUTE:Mozart concert K.313 or K.314 and a piece for solo flute of your choice.


The selection will give priority to Conservatories’ graduates. Non-graduates will be admitted in case of free places. Priority will also be given to students enrolled at Conservatorio G.B. Martini of Bologna and those residing in Emilia-Romagna, by unquestionable judgment of the teachers.

For students enrolled at the University of Bologna in the DAMS or in Music and Theatre Disciplines degree courses, 6 CFU will be granted.

The cost of the course is 1.000 (one thousand) Euros per year, to be paid after the positive outcome of the admission test.

Applications for admission to the course must be submitted online at, by December 3rd, 2021.

The lessons and the admission exam will take place at Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna Fondazione, in via Guerrazzi, 13, in Bologna.

For those admitted to the course of:

  • M° Di Rosa, the first lesson will be held on 10th-11th December;
  • M° Carbonare, the first lesson will be held on December 14th (after the audition) and on the 15th;
  • M° Gnocchi, the first lesson will be held on December 6th-7th;
  • M° Semchuk, the first lesson will be held on December 7th;
  • M° Griminelli, the first lesson will be held on December 21st-22nd.

The result of the selections, at the unquestionable judgement of the teachers, will be communicated by email, at the end of the selections, on the day of the audition.

Access to the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna Fondazione will be granted upon presenting a valid Green Pass.

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